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The exceptional restaurant Le Fangourin celebrates its 22nd anniversary with the prestigious TripAdvisor 2023 Award

Beau Plan, Mauritius – October 2023 – L’Aventure du Sucre, the iconic interactive museum located in Beau Plan, next to the Pamplemousses Garden, is proud to announce that its restaurant, Le Fangourin, is celebrating its 22nd anniversary by once again winning the prestigious TripAdvisor 2023 Award. “Le Fangourin has become a must-visit establishment for visitors from around the world as well as for the island’s residents since its opening. Our dedicated team strives to ensure an exceptional culinary experience for every visitor, whether it’s a business lunch, a family outing, or special events such as gala evenings, weddings, or year-end celebrations. This recognition strengthens our commitment to continue raising the standards in the restaurant industry in Mauritius,” says Sandrine d’Unienville, responsible for cultural creation and communication.

Le Fangourin restaurant offers flavourful Mauritian cuisine, entirely homemade, and dishes as beautiful as they are delicious. What sets Le Fangourin apart is its ability to offer much more than just a gourmet meal. The kitchen brigade uniquely combines culture, history, and authentic Mauritian cuisine. Each dish is a celebration of the island’s rich culinary heritage, creating memorable experiences for visitors.

In addition to its commitment to culinary excellence, the establishment is eco-friendly and deeply invested in the circular economy and sustainable development. Ingredients are fresh and prepared on-site. The site hosts a flourishing organic garden with papayas, bananas, salads, arugula, leeks, saffron, ginger, lemongrass, ayapana, pink peppercorns, mint, chives, basil, and other herbs. Other products, such as fresh eggs or deer, are sourced locally. Fabulous desserts are exclusively prepared with whole cane sugars. The menu also offers delicious vegetarian dishes, natural drinks, and juices. Natural or flavoured filtered water service is complimentary. The staff is trained in sustainable practices. Le Fangourin also takes significant measures to reduce its environmental footprint, including combating food waste by preparing dishes on demand and portion control, utilizing food waste in sauces and composting in the garden, and handling used cooking oils and repurposing leftovers to feed animals, among other initiatives.

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