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The Planet’R House Exhibition

(march 2023-march 2024)

The challenges of climate change are real and concern us all. While states and businesses are key players in driving the profound transformations necessary, it is essential we all do our part to limit greenhouse gas emissions and preserve our planet’s resources for future generations.

Planet’R is an immersive exhibition designed as a walkthrough experience.

Visitors are invited to stroll through the rooms of an imaginary house, drawn with a touch of fantasy on the walls of the exhibition space by Brian Lamoureux.
From furniture to household equipment, windows, computers, smartphones, showers, or garden plants, the artist has entirely conceived this house as a comic book universe, an immersive experience giving the illusion of a waking dream. He transports us into his atypical and original 2D decors where we see life in black and white. The choice of monochrome illustration is compelling while allowing the didactic content to shine.

The latter was developed by Adlib Ltd, along with modern iconography detailed in soft colors. The rich content allows a better understanding of the links between our daily habits and the major environmental issues.

From sustainable food to our choice of household equipment or furniture, our digital consumption or even the clothes we wear, each element of our daily life has an impact on the planet.

While browsing the house, the visitor also discovers good habits and useful eco-friendly tips based on the principles of the 5 R’s: Refuse – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Restore to the Earth. The exhibition invites us to change certain habits, refuse to play the game of overconsumption, pay more attention to our choices, and adopt practical and simple reflexes.

We can all contribute, in our own way, to preserving our planet by taking small steps leading towards environmental sustainability.

This is evidenced by Laurie Madelaine Castel’s unusual works scattered throughout the exhibition. The artist creates Mauritian landscapes of immense finesse on a variety of debris such as cigarette butts or plastic caps, transforming these tiny discarded objects into great works of art.

Visitors will also be amazed by the curious musical instruments that stand in the teenagers’ room. Artist Kan Chan Kin gives a second life to discarded objects by transforming them into percussion sets, guitars and xylophones, among other things. The world creates waste, Kan turns it into music. Young people can play music or test their knowledge with several eco-games.

Planet’R also provides digital content. Simply scan the QR codes present in different rooms to leave with a booklet of anti-waste recipes or homemade cosmetics or household products.

Finally, the visitor will discover a whole series of local key players in zero waste initiatives: recycling, sorting, waste and waste reduction… initiatives are numerous and herald a new way of producing and consuming, more ethical and sustainable.
This exhibition is a gold mine for teachers and educators who wish to impart information and educational resources while keeping a playful interactive tone for younger visitors.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that this exhibition was designed and produced in the most eco-friendly way possible and will be up for a year. Materials, supports, and furniture were all upcycled or acquired using the 5R principle.

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