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The Village Boutik takes pride in its suppliers

Since it opened, L’Aventure du Sucre has been working with local artisans to create and develop products for its Village Boutik, thereby helping to perpetuate their know-how which has often been built up over many generations. Craft skills have a history behind them constituting an intangible legacy and are very much part of a country’s cultural heritage.

“We’ve noticed that our customers are delighted when we explain to them the background behind the items in our shop. In fact, they become more interested and are happy that their purchases can contribute to the preservation of local know-how. We explain how our attractive gift boxes are made out of vacoas (a local screwpine) by a fisherman who weaves them by hand before his wife then stitches a fine lining inside. Or how our sugar cartons are made by hand, with minute attention to detail, by a small craft company in the North, our sugar bowls are carved by a local cabinet-maker and that our necklaces are hand-produced by a local craftswoman and that each item is unique. In short, each product has a story behind it highlighting our craft folk and each purchase supports the local economy.”

To highlight the origin of the goods in the shop, some elegant panels have recently been designed in association with the Village Boutik’s suppliers and installed alongside their products. L’Aventure du Sucre is proud of these local partnerships with such skilled and ingenious men and women, and to be able to support such lively and fertile creativity

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