L' Aventure du Sucre



Talking about rums!

Following the museum’s visit, the visitor nurtures his experience with the tasting of eleven whole cane special sugars and prestigious rums of the New Grove House. The distillery, the most ancient in existence in Mauritius (1838) is implemented next to our heritage site further underlining the extraordinary savoir-faire strong of 200 years of expertise. Within the distillery are crafted subtle fruity and powerful aromas regularly awarded by international prizes. One can think of the Emotion, our 50 years of age rum, recognized as the world’s best rum.

Entirely conceived on the estate these nectars are the embodiment of our terroir, soil, climate and culture enriched by a 100% Mauritian know-how.
The remarkable blends carefully crafted are the signature of the distillery’s master brewer, who’s considered top-notch worldwide.
The result of a long and arduous effort, by choice and by design, these rums can be savoured at L’Aventure du Sucre. Our tasting workshops which are an invitation to travel at the heart of our island’s identity allows for the discovery of New Grove’s entirely natural single estate five star rums.

The tasting workshops offer the possibility to discover the rums’ aromas and the thrilling universe of this craft. The visitor can thus try signature collections:

  • Subtle rums infused with whole cane special sugars: Molasses rum, Demerara rum, Golden Bakery rum, a unique variety developed exclusively for L’Aventure du Sucre.
  • Estate rums, crafted with fresh molasses:
  • Authentic Collection: Plantation, Bourbon Cask, Old Tradition 5 and 10 years
  • Lazy Dodo 10 years
  • Savoir-Faire Collection: Royal Rum Blend (labelled limited edition)
  • Gourmet collection: honey, vanilla and coffee liquors
  • Agricultural rums crafted with pure freshly pressed sugarcane juice (without molasses):
    Mauritia Collection: Creation, Signature and Heritage.
    The Emotion Rum, a state of the art elixir, is however a limited edition only available for purchase.
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